Knitted Spider Animals (Small) Spider Animals (Small)
Spider Animals (Small) (Spider Elephant Small) Knitted Spider Elephant (Small)
Knitted Spider Animals (Small) (Spider Lion Small) Knitted Spider Lion (Small)
Spider Animals (Small) (Spider Monkey Small) Knitted Spider Monkey (Small)
Spider Animals (Small) (Spider Tiger Small) Knitted Spider Tiger (Small)
Spider Animals (Small) (Spider Zebra Small) Knitted Spider Zebra (Small)
Knitted Spider Animals (Small) (Spider Leopard Small) Knitted Sider Leopard (Small)

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Hand made from home spun wool, dyed with natural plant dye, and knitted with love by a huge group of happy women in Kenya. Each piece is signed by the woman who knitted it.The group enables its workers to directly benefit from their efforts and create a self-sufficient community.

The ethos is to make a significant social impact in rural Kenya by empowering women to take charge of their lives through dignified work, and by operating within the cultural context of the daily demands of rural Kenyan women, including farming and tending their children, with respect to the environmental challenges.

Knitting is ideal, as it requires minimal equipment and can be done in small amounts of time. Knitting can even be done on the long walks that are required in rural areas and in the dark, since most of the women live without electricity.

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Spider Animals (Small)
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